Ad hoc intervention in Gara newspaper

In 2005 "Camilla" was printed in the Basque newspaper Gara, in the "Ad Hoc" space in the cultural supplement Mugalari, reserved for artistic interventions. "Camilla" is a fictional adaptation of the life's story of a Danish woman who looks Asian because she was originally adopted from South Korea, together with snapshots from her family album. This recycled text from the This is not a love letter project, functions as an allegory for the tensions between collective and individual identity, set against a backdrop of cultural conflicts. It was printed at a time when the Gara newspaper was under threat of being closed down due to its alleged ties with the terrorist movement ETA. The material was adapted to mimic the style and layout design of the regular newspaper pages. When the newspaper went to print, two photographers were sent to document the production process from the moment it left the editorial offices, to the printing press, and finally the newspaper kiosks. The resulting photos were then printed in a follow up article in the same newspaper.